Multiderm Facial

Most facials offer either a moisturizing action or a harsh exfoliation treatment. Medi Spa prefers the “Multiderm” facial which offers you both benefits. While other facials can be expensive without seeing results, this treatment provides an instantly visible change in the texture and tone of your skin, pore size, and it’s great for oily or dry skin.


MultiDerm has a soft paddle used for gentle vibrations in order to exfoliate the skin. This method has been proven to reduce and remove wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, as well as acne and acne scars. If using serums and moisturizers, this process can help them penetrate into the dermal layer of your skin. Patients described it as a massage like feeling on your face and neck. It is very safe to use on almost any client, even those with rosacea or a history of broken capillaries.