Walk In Medical Center

Dr Atiya Nadeem M.D. is a Board Certified Family Physician Practicing in North Brunswick, New Jersey.
Walk In Medical Center

Welcome to the Walk In Medical Center & Medi Spa of North Brunswick

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The Walk In Medical Center

Most of the care you or your family might require can be provided by Dr. Atiya Nadeem. Referrals to an outside consultant are also available if the medical condition warrants additional evaluation. At all times, your family doctor remains available to coordinate your care with the consultant both in the office and the hospital.


The Walk In Medical Center and MediSpa is open 7 days a week. Same day appointments are available. Open 9 to 9. Walkins always welcome. No waiting time.

Acne Treatment
Botox® Injections
Chemical Skin Peels
Laser Hair Removal
Eczema & Dry Skin

The New Jersey Walk In Medical Center adheres to the highest medical, ethical, and professional standards of excellence. You’ll find that our staff is personable and helpful and that the office environment is comfortable, efficient, and discrete. We do our very best to assure your comfort from the moment you walk into our relaxing reception room.

Feel free to call us at (732) 658-1102 for an appointment.

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Dr Atiya Nadeem
Walk in Medical Center

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Walk In Medical Center & Medi Spa

Walk In Medical Center & Medi Spa

We have ample parking in our own lot behind the main clinic building.