Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Laser Hair Removal Treatments Available in Walk In Medical Center NJ

You can remove unwanted hair forever through the use of specialized lasers in the hands of an experienced, skilled physician. Unwanted hair can be removed from any part of the body using specific lasers that are matched to the color of hair being treated and the underlying skin. This procedure produces excellent results.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

When hair is removed by laser, the energized light of the laser heats is absorbed by the color in the hair, thereby causing a heat reaction in the follicle.

What Should I Expect During the Laser Hair Removal Process?

During the procedure, a laser IS SELECTED that is carefully matched to the color of the hair being removed as well as that of the underlying skin. This laser is used to heat the hair and deaden the follicle, which causes a sensation similar in intensity to hair waxing. The first session is usually the most intense because it removes the darkest and thickest hairs, but the discomfort varies widely based on the individual. Numbing creams can be administered by the doctor before the procedure is performed, but the patient should not apply generous amounts of any numbing cream prior to the procedure.

Before Treatment After Treatment

How Many Treatments Will be Necessary to Completely Remove Unwanted Hair Forever?

The whole procedure normally takes place over a series of three to five six visits spaced one to two months apart, and when the series of treatments is over, maintenance treatments are often needed. The frequency of these depends on the individual, but can be annual or longer.

What Should I Expect After The First Treatment?

After the first treatment, some of the treated hair will be gone immediately. Some of that hair may grow back and other hair, which was not growing at the time, might appear. This is why a series of treatments are needed, although their number depends on the patient’s unique characteristics.

Can Everyone Benefit From Laser Hair Removal?

Those with darker skin, or persons of color, require expert treatment such as we provide at the Manhattan Center for Dermatology because the laser cannot as easily distinguish between the dark hair and the color of the skin. Since the laser’s intensity will be absorbed by dark colors, careful attention to the type of laser used and its intensity requires special handling. While we have the skill and experience necessary, not everyone who offers laser hair removal does.

Why Should I Have My Laser Hair Removal Done at New Jersey Walkin Medical Center ?

Two good reasons to have laser hair removal performed at the New Jersey Walkin Medical Center are:

1) All treatments will be performed by a physician who is trained to recognize the risks associated with laser hair removal. This allows for more successful results with fewer risks.

2) We use the newest generation of hair removal lasers.