Lactic Peel


Lactic Acid Peels

Over the years, a lactic acid peel has become more and more popular with patients who want healthier skin, mainly because of the gentler nature of this treatment. Look at it this way: while there is a number of ways for people to achieve younger looking skin as they work with a skin care specialist, many procedures that are performed at clinics and at the doctor’s office are often invasive and painful. As a result, many individuals are looking for alternative ways to look and feel younger, and the lactic acid peel, ihas become the treatment of choice for many patients and dermatologists. This peel, which is performed by a doctor or other licensed skin care specialist, can be performed in clinics in just a matter of hours, with relatively limited side effects.

While there are kits available for in-home lactic acid peels, the risk of side effects is reduced significantly if you have the procedure performed by a skin care professional.

The Benefits of Lactic Acid Peels

The greatest benefit of having a professional lactic acid peel is that it is gentler on your skin than most other types of peels. Not only does the lactic acid peel usually have a lower risk of side effects, such as irritated skin, peeling, and hypersensitivity, but the ingredients contained in the treatment can actually benefit your skin in the long run. One of the main ingredients of a lactic acid peel is extracted from sour milk, and unlike other chemical peels, it can help skin with unbalanced pH factors that cause blocked pores and acne.

A lactic acid peel is also a viable option if you want a deep cleansing peel but have never had one before. Because it’s impossible to know how your skin will react to the chemicals in a facial peel, starting out your treatment with a lactic acid peel is less risky because of how gentle it is. It is also a viable choice for those who have sensitive skin and have a difficult time tolerating other types of peels because of the harsh chemicals that they tend to contain. Interestingly, even though a lactic acid peel is gentle, it is strong enough to remove a number of toxins, dirt, and excess oil from the skin, leaving it looking younger and firmer than before.